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Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting

By using state of the art computer hardware and software technology in plasma arc cutting we are able to cut detail drawings, from ferrous and non-ferrous metals (i.e., steel, stainless steel, aluminum) up to 1" in thickness. The Koike Aronson, Inc model PLP 2500 and Thermal Dynamics model GCM 1000 together give us the ability to quickly and efficiently process and cut shapes, which can be imported or drafted and graphically manipulated, allows us to provide high quality service to a wide range of customers. We use CAD/CAM software, to design, manage, nest and cut parts on our Plasma, and Oxy-Fuel CNC Cutting Machine. We are able to digitally reproduce and plasma cut any drawing from your hand sketch to a finalized computer drawing.


  • The cutting table itself is 9’ x 21’, with a cutting area of 8’-8” x 20’-1”ft.
  • Plasma arc cutting up to 1” thickness with average speed 150 inch per. minutes
  • Oxy-Fuel cutting up to 3” thickness average speed 12 inch per. minutes


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